Swatch watch

When we were conjuring up new colour ideas for our SMUGGLER range and also our new colour ways for our GEOMETRIC designs – we wanted to use both bright and bold colours as well some muted pastel colours.

Having chosen the colours, it did come to our attention that our new budgie colours were not too dissimilar to Liz’s Swatch watches from the mid 80s.

Her first one came from Santa with an aqua ghetto blaster.  She loved it and it eventually had the strap replaced after much love and wearing. THE SMUGGLER is pretty much bang on with the colours!



Her second one, was this one. I replaced the strap before it made its way home, it had to include STRIPES. So the strap was replaced with royal blue and white stripes.GN134_sa000_nvs

We have always been influenced by our past, our combined families love of Marimekko, stripes and florals.  History is very important to us when we design our wares and we love the influences we have referenced over the years. If you had a swatch watch, you can check out the history of the brand right back to 1983. SO much history!